Business Spotlight: Mystery Bay Farm



Business: Mystery Bay Farm, Marrowstone Island, WA

Owners: Rachael Van Laanen and Scott Brinton

About: "Mystery Bay Farm is a small scale, family farm operating on five acres on Marrowstone Island.  We produce farmstead, goat milk cheeses and yogurt for general sale. Farmstead means we make all of our cheeses and yogurt using only the milk of our animals. In addition to cheese and yogurt, we offer educational farm tours, cheese making classes, farm dinners, local handmade pottery. We offer tours and classes as a way to educate and integrate the community into the farm. As career educators, we feel that there is a need to inform the greater public about where our food comes from and to provide a genuine experience for the growing number of people interested in artisan, non-industrial food production and farming." 

Business Spotlight: The ReCyclery


Business: The ReCyclery, Port Townsend, WA

About: The Jefferson County ReCyclery, a non-profit community cycling center.  "Through our education programs and bicycle recycling services, we inform the public about the social, environmental and health benefits of cycling. We strive to increase bicycle ridership in Jefferson County by empowering and motivating people to live active and healthy lifestyles. Our Vision is to see a world empowered, fufilled and engaged in communities that foster the health of people and our planet through bicycling."


If you don't know what The ReCyclery is please check out their Facebook page and website. This is an incredible organization that we are lucky to have available to us here in Port Townsend!

Business Spotlight: With These Rings


Business: With These Rings, Port Townsend, WA

Owner: Stephanie Selle

About: I am jeweler who specializes in handmade wedding bands and wedding ring workshops where couples come in and learn how to make their own wedding rings

Needs:  I wanted to update my website and social media pages with a new portrait, location photos and a range detail photos as extra visual content. I also worked with Melissa for product shots of my rings for my online store. Melissa's photos have managed to perfectly capture the atmosphere of my business and transform my web presence.


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